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TITLE; Happy 24th Birthday
Saturday, 18 February 2017 | 16:15 | 1 comments
Dear Aishah,
Dear Self,

Happy Birthday to you. 
You are Beautiful , 
So just stay the way you are.

This is what I always tell myself every time.

This year .
Its been sad as both my brothers are away.
My bff are far or working.
Luckily . Thankfully.
Mama . Bapak . and for sure Mary is home.
*Its her birthday too. We share the same birthdate until death*

The thought itself is important.
Thank you for all  the wish and pray.

This year I just hope I get job and fulfilled my wish.

Thank you Luqman for being here too ♥

TITLE; Have Courage and Be Kind
Monday, 30 January 2017 | 06:38 | 0 comments

Its never too late to wish !

Wow. Its been a month 2016 leaving us. 
Another year means another opportunity to 
life my live to the fullest :) 

SO ➽
So yeah. I hope I can achieve my mission !

Done for the night. 

Love ♥,

Friday, 27 March 2015 | 07:44 | 0 comments
♥ Bapak ♥
He was the first man I've met in this world
The one that laungkan azan on day I was born.
How grateful I am. 
How wonderful it was to be his daughter. 
He was basically sgt garang during our childhood.
Thats make us human. 

He never lay his hand on us. 
He will use rotan or sort of things. 
But he NEVER EVER raise his hand. 

Dad is a quiet type 
He kinda cool, 
He act cool.
Less emotions shown,
But It's all shown through his facial expression. 

He has his principle that he told us to keep.
He never forget to wake us up to Solat Subuh.
He getting old. 
I'm getting old. 

I just hope. I found someone like him. 
No ones can replaced him.
But at least. I need someone that has resemblance of him. 
The one that can guide me through a correct path.
The one who didn't use violence.

Dad. I miss you. 
I ♥ you

TITLE; February ♥
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 | 23:31 | 0 comments
Yay! I'm 22 :)
Its absolutely great ★★★
Just like Taylor Swift song. Twenty - two ~~
I've a been doing a great thinking these few days
The perks of being 22 maybe. Haha :D
Sometimes , I feel like I should be a writer someday.
I wish but I never wanted to be lecturer or an educator.

Lets basically see how my life goes so far

1. I am a girl with a twins and basically become the 1st sister in the house with 3 minutes different.
     Oddly , Mariyam is more qualified to become the 1st. She more 'matured'.
2. I have a great family. I'm more like daddy daughter .
3. I'm not even pretty but I dont know why is people instinct to 'kacau' me. I wish they wont , but the      
    handsome guys still attract me. Haha
4. I wish I can be taller which I can't . So perhaps find my ♥ which is tall like my dad .
5. I really difficult to become just anyone friend. I'm a picky type. 
    Alhamdullilah, eventhough I'm like this, its the only way I can get true friends. 
6. I fall in ♥ with my 1st Crush  which I never able to forget. Hello. No ones can. 
    He basically have all the criteria I ♥ . 
           ★ Tall
           ★ Mix
           ★ Romantic
           ★ Trying to do something special without asking me
           ★ He order food for me without asking me ( He basically impressed me though)
          ★ Morning Call ( I miss it ;( badly )
          ★ He always there when I need him. ( No need to tell him to come . Woohoo )
          ★ Confidence to call someone his girl. Hahah

He also have the criteria I hate
         ★  He has mustache though -__- (He do shave for me sometimes)
         ★  To kind to girls
         ★  Hot tempered
         ★ Too confident
        ★ Not knowing his mistakes. I annoyed me much

Its hard to found someone like him but Insyaallah, Allah have prepare us a great Jodoh for both of us right. TIME. Only patient people will found their best. 

People said, no ones is perfect right. I am not perfect. but its not wrong to dream. Its not wrong to wait and finding the  Dream and keep dreaming. That is basically me :)

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutely satisfying weirdness- and call it love- true love.
                                          —  Robert Fulghum




Sunday, 6 April 2014 | 00:44 | 0 comments
Yo! yo!  

Let's put aside all the assignments, test and anything related to study
And enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Woohoo ★

It just the first day of holiday. ♥
And WE Chemicals are here. #KLCC

From Johor to KL. 
★ Chemical Maniac ★
They stop by KL just to buy their tix and have fun with us. 
We KL-ians (Dila, Me, and Ipah) become their tour guide? 

In front of the waterfront of Suria KLCC
We took pictures like 

Eventually, Adam was holding the phone. 
Capiq was pushing the capture buttons.
Thus, jeng jeng jeng.
Capiq is consider #SELFIE 

After spending some time in #KLCC .
We move on to #PAVILION

Guess what?
★ Manhattan Fish Market ★ is having is biggest sale
for the year!
We're lucky. 
Its save our money in the same time 
we can grab delicious seafood! ♥♥♥
Lets full our empty stomach! 

The food are extremely scrumptious . 
Fat? Diet? NO?

Its just the five of us. :(
Azhim, Taqi and Syahir had already bought their food without survey the place! 
X de rezeki la tuh. 
Its sokayh. 
Maybe next time :)
Come again another year? Hahah 

We, girls ♥ to take pics.
Especially? Dila.
Muahahah :P

Ignore the fat face of me -_-

Thanx for making my holiday
shine and bright like a diamond! #ehh

Last but not least, 
I thought my guy classmate was tall enough for me.
But they're not!
My brother Yusof is taller! My dad is taller than him! 
It means no one can beat my dad lah!

Chemical April 2014 . #END

TITLE; Sweet 21 ;)
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 | 03:34 | 0 comments
A day I and Mary was born.
A day to remember 
how painful this is for Mama to given birth to us.
Its not 1 person but 2! 
♥ A fraternal twins ♥

This year. ★
Its quite different.
I have to celebrate at UTHM.
New sem started with I'm aging. haha :D 

Credits : Ainur ♥

A most memorable and important event for myself. 
I do love events and presents.
Most important was CAKES or DESSERTS! 

I receive a lots of wishes.
Thanx guys :) 
Most importantly, 
Thank you Allah 
for given me a chance to still breathing in this earth.

This cards.
The wishes are sweet like honey. hihi ★★★

Thank you Shiera , Dila and YOU and you for given me presents
I do like it. 
No! I ♥ it.

Dad and Yusof visit me and buying me cakes. 
Thank you very much.
Now the its really feels like birthday.

A late birthday celebration.
Finally we've met.
Time to celebrate! Woohoo.


My favourite ♥  food was ?

Its was yummyh.
The set was included with
 Jacket Potato and Spagetti Carbonara
Please try it . It was DAEBAK.

I'm a happy 21 years old girl.
I have a great family and friends.
I have no regrets.

P/S : Comment In ChatBox :) 

TITLE; Speicher 2nd year :)
Sunday, 16 February 2014 | 02:09 | 0 comments
The 1st sem has ended.
The 2nd sem gonna start. 
Its means holidays is going to end soon.
This is so not fun.
Leaving home. Going back to BP. 
Its not my will to go back. It just my responsibility.
My family. My friends. 
Someone that holds me , giving me courage to undergo all of this.

Lets throwback anything that had happened this sem.

A place with a memory where I sprained my ankle.
Don't able to climb up until the peak! Let's go another time maybe.
♥ Dr Rafidah N Dr Nora ♥
--> the great and kind lecturer for this Nature Conservation course. 

A supposely be another class trip. Yet, a lot cant join.
Maybe another next time.
FTK Jjang !

Group picture. Place to remember. ♥♥♥
A place where I can say.
 " If you have the guts to do anything, you can ! "

OSHA make us remember ★★★
" Do everything safely and make things work "

A place that very suits us.
Chemical Engineering technologist. hihi :)
BTW please make the herbs easier to consume.
I dont really like the 'medcy' taste. 

The 1 week lab aka the week of disastrous in UniKL
Since not enough equipments in UTHM.
They send all of us here.
This place reminds me how good UTHM are. SINCERELY.

UniKL. A lots of drama happened.
The week where people fall sick.
Misunderstanding. Patient.
Everything being tested.
Alhamdullilah. Everything went well.

Fever. It never being a obstacle for me to go jln2! :)

Last program of the sem.
A tennis tournament.
I'm not one of the player.
I'm just one of the staff. #eh

This sem means a lot to me.
Our relationship has gotten stronger.

Old things