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Thursday, 26 January 2012 | 20:20 | 0 comments
um.. to avoid boring-NESS.. we went to a AQUARIA KLCC.. 
sounds fun.. but i can also study the diversity of KINGDOM ANIMALIA..
suddenly BIO right?
quite boring? NOOOOO.. Its INTERESTING.. :D
 otw to AQUARIA.. i meet him.. 
AMNAS bf... we take a few pics.. dont be jelaous... i borrow him 4 awhile

dad need to line up in a very LONG LONG LINE.. to buy da ticket..
WAITIN' n WAITIN' makes us very HUNGRY.. so we decided to eat at

both face looks angry n unsatisfied as they so hungry n i still wanna take a pic.. 

 me n CUTE little Bro which i love da most AHMAD.. 

MARY my "TWIN" sis.. who like to take pic of herself can still SMILING
eventhough shes the one that eat da MOST n da HUNGRIEST

after finish EATING.. we begun ur journey to the AQUARIA..

we can still smiling eventhough CARNIVOROUS FISH IS BEHIND US.. hahaha :D PIRANHA

lovely COUPLE.. mummy n daddy

2nd stop.. we can hold on the starfish, crayfish, shark n gamat

INSIDE THE TUNNEL where we can see clearly n near to the AQUATIC animals

me n third HANDSOME bro YUSUF

MARY n Me :D ngee~~~

the sea horse wanna kiss me :D muah <3..
i look kinda cute isn't..
haha XD

since its CHINESE NEW YEAR.. 
we saw a guy wearing some kind of Chinese traditional costume.. 
we decided to take pic..

he looks cute pointing his hand towards YUSUF

 my heart was "THUMP-ing" 

YOU THINK HE WAS SCARED OF U.. but nah.. he won't :D
right YUSUF?

can u compare how BIG our MOUTH is??

I STILL WANNA HOLD TO U eventhough u r so high a far awy SHARK replica.. haha :D

 ur going down HAMMERHEAD shark if u meet him.. da most evil person YUSUF @ YOPE

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