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Friday, 21 December 2012 | 03:29 | 0 comments
Late entry bout this, but it doesnt matter.
What was I thinking? Um..
I just like to post bout this. 

We are M2-05 C residents! Beautiful roomates :)

We did a special GIRLS day Hangout together :)

At first, we are not this close.. Even talking to each other is awkward enough
Dila and Me are from KL.. or some people wold like to pronounce it key ell :D
Gee is from JB and Fiza is from Pahang.

Budget cantik la both of them :P 
haha :) 
See how big their smile is when I took pic of them.. haha :P
   Going shopping with them 

Me and Pretty Gee :) 
We are not that close at first. 
Seriously she my bedmate!
I mean she sleep under my bed :))
My bed is a double-decker bed okayh? 
Dont think bout anything weird :) HAHA :D

Triplets! Haha :) Pretty Gee, Gorgeous Lopez (Fiza) and Smiling Kardashians (Me)
And as usual Dila is d-photographer 
We are Camera natural beauty? I mean photogenic. keke 

Team #KCL
Carey , Kardashian and Lopez
Sweet us :)
Insyallah, Everything will be fine as long as we always be together.. Ameen :)
Opps! Almost forget about the most important thing which is bout D-Food ! 
Lunchies at #PizzaHut

#Meatballs #Fettucini #Pasta #Blackpepper   
It was awesome~~

Dila and Gee :)
Both of them was so pretty and gorgeous
Eventhough sometime I like to tease them that they are "PERASAN"

Lastly, but not least ME d-Kardashian

I was smilling brightly as I've got what I want
which is WESTERN or ITALIAN food :)
D-Selendang was hard to wear.. 
but It kinda OK when I wear it.. just need a little help from DILA d-expert


Bye :)

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