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Thursday, 20 December 2012 | 22:22 | 0 comments
Finish the class for the 1st SEM as a Degree Student :)
Jyeah :) I succeed to stay here for 6 months or less  

I DO :)

Since yesterday, 20.12.2012
My hostel, PERWIRA doesnt have electricity,, ME N DILA 
made a decision to go to -->

BP MALL! the only mall in BP that have CINEMA AND BOWLING :)
Luckily, still got one :)
It cant be compared to d-awesome ONE UTAMA AND THE CURVE

We are d hungry GORGEOUS eater! 
Dila with her rendang chicken rice and me? 
As usual Tomyam Noodles :)

It was lovely though! Chit-chating and also Whatssap-ING 
by using the WiFi #RengitCoffee

I order this delicious dessert
#Chocolate #Ice-Cream #Crepes 

After that, we did some shopping :) 

Then, It was CHATIME n DESSERT time again :))
I mean TEA TIME :))

Dila is just like a little kid who got chocolate.. haha :D
see how big her smile is 
I'm lucky to meet her. Serious. #truth 

Me? Chatime has always be my fav drink!
And as usual it would be Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea 
or Pure Cocoa ❤ 

Lastly, we play bowling and I win :))
Sorry Dila. I need to brag bout it .. keke

DONE with today entry.
Alhamdullilah :)

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