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TITLE; The Real Me.
Monday, 7 January 2013 | 05:31 | 0 comments
First of all, I just wanna say sorry to anyone that hurt with my post. I just need to release my stress and all that I have kept in my heart.

Me? I'm an ordinary girl name Wan Aishah.
I do have a twins. A fraternal ones. We are different in many ways, I mean our 'Taste" and our "Attitude"
But she know me the best. I admit.

I got best friend in high school. 
They are Amal, Hanisah, Wawa, Hazirah, Airina, Amirah, Alya, Hanim, 
Shu, Ain, Piqa Dayah
They know me better than peeps that know me now

My real attitude --> ?
1. I'm a happy go lucky person
I can easily make friends. I do like all my friends now. 
I can play around, I can joke around. But just know your limit. :)

I always been attacked by gastric or asthma. Why?

1st reason, I kept things on myself not sharing it. Ex?
When people did something to hurt me, I just smile and do a happy face. 
So they don't even know that I'm hurting.

2nd reason, I just like to DIET cause I'm a fat fat girl :)

3rd reason, I keep worrying. Any stuff could me me worry! 
Even what to wear tomorrow can make me stress -.-

2. I'm a serious type of person. I've been teach to be like that by my parents. 

This is maybe the way I have been thought. 
Maybe BSD-ians are like this too. Life in this kind of community could change your attitude.

I do take study seriously and even life
I don't like people making noise during study time
I cant memorize all that I've study if I study while listening to a song.

I don't like people just don't care about other people. Means? Ex?
In a bus, someone was talking loudly with her friends? or someone that play song loudly.
Are this something you do?

Please change. Sorry.
Take it into a consideration. People don't want to hear what you talk or do.
Please put yourself in other people shoes. Think what you feel if people do that to you.
For sure you will hate it too.

3. I <3 korea and download things

People, If you want something i means any drama, movie or anything
Just gave a a call or sms me. If I have it I could give you :)


Sorry for any inconvenience. My tweet is just random and not talking bout anyone else 
I apologize for any mistakes. I'm a human too. I do make mistakes.
Sorry. Hope this post will make people realize and now the true me :) 

The song that suit my day today is 
JOE BROOKS - Holes Inside <3

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