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Thursday, 21 February 2013 | 16:15 | 0 comments
Hallo Sem 2!
16 / 2 / 2013 was the day I check in to PERWIRA RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE.
I was left alone a day before birthday!
Its was sad and tragic! :(
For Me BIRTHDAY was the most important celebration for myself.
Thus, this birthday little bit different than before!
This 20th birthday is the 2nd time I couldn't celebrate it together with my TWINS, Mary.

This Sem 2, I got new roommates and housemates!
And guess what we are still AWKWARD!
Still trying and will keep trying #keeppositive
I'm sad that I'm not roomates with #KCL team and gee
But live has to move on. :)

17 February 1993 was D-day we, Fraternal twins was born :)

Thanx Mama for giving birth to us! We ♥ you

We are twins. Born on d same day. Different face, different personality. But most importantly we have
same smile and eyes :)

How I miss our time when were still small. Happy and live without worries :))

Botol susu and dress? Great combination of cuteness and prettyness 

Mary has so little hair aka botak! haha :)
Me? Just normal :) 

The most of time, I will remember when my hand was injured! My bones crack bcoz of an unexpected accident but I still want to enter Running competition!
I was not in pain while running but the after effect of it was so painful that I feel like fainting!
As usual I was a very degil person to be deal with. So no matter what the Dr say, I still want to run.
Guess what? I still got Gold Medal! :)

So I think my 20 years of life is full of happiness ♥ 


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