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TITLE; Trip Alone to IPOH. My Birth "TOWN" ★
Saturday, 2 February 2013 | 06:03 | 0 comments
★ Hallo 2013! ★

Its been nice to me. 
This long sem break means a lot to me :) #UTHM
Sitting alone at home do make me bored.
Ahmad got school, Yusof at MRSM #Taiping, Mary at #UITM 

So, than being alone, I made a decision to travel alone to IPOH! 
Jyeah! Alone and Lonely :(

I got my tix #ETS 

Went to KL Sentral ALONE in the morning. Lotts of peeps there.
Need to struggle a bit. Luckily I didnt miss the train :)
huhu :)
I made a decision to stay at NANA house. My cute roomies at KMPk 

Meet the LOVELIES 

Nana :) The Cutie

Am :D The Prettie

I arrived IPOH at 11 am. And guessed what NANA mom took the day off just to see me. 
So sweet. Thank you auntie :) 


We went to JJ IPOH 
and guess what the driver is Faridil. Am special "guy" hehe :D
I also meet his friend , Hakim.
And he was a senior in UTHM.. huhu :)

While the guys are driving, we still have the time to take some selca.. haha :)
Cute us. Love the moment together 
Nana in polca dots, Me in blue like avatar and Am in yellow just like banana


A trip to JJ IPOH again. This time. add 2 more peeps..
LINA and ZIEMAH :) 2 beautiful friends of NANA

Do we look cute? haha :) I know

Shopping time~~~ 
Lotss of fun there. Buy this buy that.
All want to buy something. Was nice. It was a IPOH GIRLS OUT!
Woots woots :))

This day is also LINA birthday.

Happy 20th Birthday LINA! We all you

Secret Recipe! So more on desserts which is cakes! huhu. #tempting #yummy

Then, we watch movie #MAMA
A scary ghost movie.
Before the movie start, ME n Nana can still have the time to take some pic. 
hehe :) #CamLover

This movie! Grr. I hate Lilly and Victoria! Damn Scary :(

After watch the movie, we all headed to GUNUNG LANG!
Woohoo. A beautiful place to rest and watch a beautiful scenery.
A great place to have a picnic

To go there, we need to ride a boat. Means more Camera time!
hehe :D We just love taking pic.

Peace Yo! Jyeah :))

It was LINA birthday, so its really funny and weird if we don't do something bout it!
Flour & Egg is ready. Newspaper is also ready! Time to prank! hehe :D

Sorry birthday GIRL! hakhak 

More of our pic! So beautiful. We are so PHOTOGENIC #SelfPraise 

I overcome my fear towards CATS! Woohoo :)
Jyeah. But only on Baby cats. I x layan all Cats "Mother" or "Father"
haha :))

The "black" cat is called Tutti and The "yellow" cat is Fruitty.
Mix their name together become Tutti Fruitty :) 

The last night at Ipoh. Nana mom took us to MYDIN.
We play bowling and karaoke 

Hafiz, Nana brother was tall and handsome.. hehe :)
Forgot to take my pic alone with him..
haha :)

Nana and Am. They just like to tease each other. That show how close they are. 

Me and Nana! We look so cute together! Reds and Blue all the way #MU #Barcelona 

The LAST DAY, we went to tesco. Try a clothing. Same pattern and colour. the moment
Insyallah, we will meet next time. 
BYE Ipoh. 
T213 is awesome. Roomates that you can never find. 
#Friendship will grow stronger through out the years. Ameen. 

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