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TITLE; Mersing! A trip that I will never forget :)
Monday, 22 July 2013 | 03:11 | 0 comments
Mersing was a very beautiful beach for me. 
Best place to  relax and to release STRESS ;)
 It took about 3 hours to get there from BP


Smiling face all d-way! 

Abg 'botak' at the back! Look tough? Um. IDK. haha :P

Candid! Just arrived and our stress are ALL relieved! 

That beautiful night, we decided to do barbeque! Yay ! I'm happy~~~
Eating and eating ;)


The chicken very tempting  ! It's delicious.
Eat once, you wanna eat more. 

People are cooking at d-back and they are all taking their pic! 

Look fun? Indeed it was. Be jealous! pftttt

After dinner, we play games. 
TRUE or DARE are a tradition game I think
It could be fun but in the same time it could hurt people feeling.
I wish this game would be BANISHED or not even EXIST! muahaha ;)


Me and Ainur decided to take a walk a long the beach.
It was nice.
The weather was nice. The Scenery was beautiful.

Our Bare Face -.-

A walk at the beach together ;)

InsyaAllah our relationship will last until we die. Ameen

The coolest pic I think! :D

We walk from a place to another across the sea. 
Smiling ;D

Monkey me! I love to panjat the tree. 
It reminds me during my childhood where I used to panjat Cherry tree~~
Sweet memory. It is 

Best pic of d-day 

Last but not least. 
I do ♥ US. 
Chemical's Jjang. 
We have 4 years to know each other.
Everything happens for a reason.
I know the reason I'm able to proceed with this program 
bcoz of you guys and also my parents!

Fira , Alania , Nizam , Adam , Taqi , Jaja , Azhim , Ainur,
Sai , Ipah , Aishah , Syahir , Syafiq

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