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TITLE; ★ Taman Universiti ;)
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 | 08:42 | 0 comments
A new beginning ★ A new semester. ;)
A new environment. A new pace. A new housemate.
Everything is new to me. 
Its challenging but yet it was fun. 

Lets introduce my new lovely home which I called
which means there's 10 hot girls here! 
Woots woots 
Let me introduce the members !!

My new housemie which are also my Classmie :)
except for Dila. Automasi Student that 'sesat' here. hihi

Its a big house. A double storey house :D
A FULL house . 
Many people, means lots of behavior and also attitude.
Its a process.
Nobody perfect.
 Everyone have their own specialty and also weaknesses. 
 Try to change to a better person. 
Be considerate, Be nice, Be thoughtful and Caring.
A thing that I have learn in few months.
Lots of things I could learn in years.
A experience that I could gain during University Life

Tour of D-house :D

Our living hall. Its a fully furnished home.
The place where we gathered.
The most important thing is the TV 

Our dining table which we not using it frequently
Too many people . 6 Chairs. Not enuff.

Our beautiful kitchen to practice COOKING.
My hobby :) 
This means I can cook my own dish . Jyeah :D
But it's hard though. Many people means lots of cooking methods. 

A manual washing machine.
A 1st manual washing 'thingy' I've seen in my 20 years of life!

My favourite's was MY LARGE ROOM 

This 3 'LITTLE' girls that very excited in moving to new house ;))

Lastly, I wish we all can understand and love each other throughout the years.
For sure there's going to be lots of obstacles .
Solve it calmly. I wish. No fight.
Be more friendly and cared for each other.


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