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Saturday, 2 November 2013 | 09:30 | 0 comments
A History being made!
On 19/10/2013 
We the FTK-ians climb the Gunung Berlumut!
Yay! We made it.
Eventhough not all of us until the peak. But at least we tried.

Wake up very early in the morning. About 5 am just to prepare ourselves.
At 6 we're about to go .

 While waiting for bus. Here we go again~~~ CAMERA TIWME :)

We go there by UTHM Bus. Its a long way journey.
The place was located at Kluang.
About an hour from UTHM.
With them, I never being bored in the bus.

Our Chemical's representative in FTK :)

Here we are. The CHEMICAL TEAM 

They're having fun their picture are taken
While me, just happy being a camera'woman' . Haha :D

The journey just started! We still fresh and not smelly?

First pitstop! The guide say it was near.
The truth is. It never is.
We have to climb more than 2 km to arrive here.
It was tiring, yet it was quite an experience 

Dila , Syaella and Syahir was smiling after knowing that they have passed the first stage :) 

On our way to the 2nd stage! Aja aja Hwaiting 

This two cute girls . Ainur and Alania. 
 They're tired but still can smile brightly just to take pics! 

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