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TITLE; Friends Forever ♥
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 | 00:42 | 0 comments
Who says friends have a time limit.
We have been friends for more than 9 years now.
We have still have lots of things to talk talk about.
To laugh. To share. To dream. To cry. To smile with.
BSD BFF are always in my heart. Cewahh. :)

Its best place to hangout with them.
It just like them, a meteor in my heart.
hihi  ♥

Eyes sparkles. Bling bling!
It eating tiwme!
The food are quite simple.

The most important is the desserts.
I prefer chocolate dip than caramel dip though. :)

Chatting tiwme!
Different faces. Different story.
Ignore the 'ugly' faces of me!

It camera time!
Airina and Hazirah as the model of the month! ★★★

Its time for me and speaker photo time! ★★★

Self-perasan camera time? 
My fattyness photobomb the camera -______- 
haha :D

Finally. A group photo was taken .

Hope our friendship will remains until forever! 
I ♥ u guys!
I hope later :
Amnas, Amal , Wawa , Mary, Hanim, Nisah , Ain, Dayah,
Amirah, Alya, Syu could join and we'll do a bigger gathering. 
hihi :) 

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