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TITLE; Speicher 2nd year :)
Sunday, 16 February 2014 | 02:09 | 0 comments
The 1st sem has ended.
The 2nd sem gonna start. 
Its means holidays is going to end soon.
This is so not fun.
Leaving home. Going back to BP. 
Its not my will to go back. It just my responsibility.
My family. My friends. 
Someone that holds me , giving me courage to undergo all of this.

Lets throwback anything that had happened this sem.

A place with a memory where I sprained my ankle.
Don't able to climb up until the peak! Let's go another time maybe.
♥ Dr Rafidah N Dr Nora ♥
--> the great and kind lecturer for this Nature Conservation course. 

A supposely be another class trip. Yet, a lot cant join.
Maybe another next time.
FTK Jjang !

Group picture. Place to remember. ♥♥♥
A place where I can say.
 " If you have the guts to do anything, you can ! "

OSHA make us remember ★★★
" Do everything safely and make things work "

A place that very suits us.
Chemical Engineering technologist. hihi :)
BTW please make the herbs easier to consume.
I dont really like the 'medcy' taste. 

The 1 week lab aka the week of disastrous in UniKL
Since not enough equipments in UTHM.
They send all of us here.
This place reminds me how good UTHM are. SINCERELY.

UniKL. A lots of drama happened.
The week where people fall sick.
Misunderstanding. Patient.
Everything being tested.
Alhamdullilah. Everything went well.

Fever. It never being a obstacle for me to go jln2! :)

Last program of the sem.
A tennis tournament.
I'm not one of the player.
I'm just one of the staff. #eh

This sem means a lot to me.
Our relationship has gotten stronger.

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