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TITLE; Sweet 21 ;)
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 | 03:34 | 0 comments
A day I and Mary was born.
A day to remember 
how painful this is for Mama to given birth to us.
Its not 1 person but 2! 
♥ A fraternal twins ♥

This year. ★
Its quite different.
I have to celebrate at UTHM.
New sem started with I'm aging. haha :D 

Credits : Ainur ♥

A most memorable and important event for myself. 
I do love events and presents.
Most important was CAKES or DESSERTS! 

I receive a lots of wishes.
Thanx guys :) 
Most importantly, 
Thank you Allah 
for given me a chance to still breathing in this earth.

This cards.
The wishes are sweet like honey. hihi ★★★

Thank you Shiera , Dila and YOU and you for given me presents
I do like it. 
No! I ♥ it.

Dad and Yusof visit me and buying me cakes. 
Thank you very much.
Now the its really feels like birthday.

A late birthday celebration.
Finally we've met.
Time to celebrate! Woohoo.


My favourite ♥  food was ?

Its was yummyh.
The set was included with
 Jacket Potato and Spagetti Carbonara
Please try it . It was DAEBAK.

I'm a happy 21 years old girl.
I have a great family and friends.
I have no regrets.

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