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Sunday, 6 April 2014 | 00:44 | 0 comments
Yo! yo!  

Let's put aside all the assignments, test and anything related to study
And enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Woohoo ★

It just the first day of holiday. ♥
And WE Chemicals are here. #KLCC

From Johor to KL. 
★ Chemical Maniac ★
They stop by KL just to buy their tix and have fun with us. 
We KL-ians (Dila, Me, and Ipah) become their tour guide? 

In front of the waterfront of Suria KLCC
We took pictures like 

Eventually, Adam was holding the phone. 
Capiq was pushing the capture buttons.
Thus, jeng jeng jeng.
Capiq is consider #SELFIE 

After spending some time in #KLCC .
We move on to #PAVILION

Guess what?
★ Manhattan Fish Market ★ is having is biggest sale
for the year!
We're lucky. 
Its save our money in the same time 
we can grab delicious seafood! ♥♥♥
Lets full our empty stomach! 

The food are extremely scrumptious . 
Fat? Diet? NO?

Its just the five of us. :(
Azhim, Taqi and Syahir had already bought their food without survey the place! 
X de rezeki la tuh. 
Its sokayh. 
Maybe next time :)
Come again another year? Hahah 

We, girls ♥ to take pics.
Especially? Dila.
Muahahah :P

Ignore the fat face of me -_-

Thanx for making my holiday
shine and bright like a diamond! #ehh

Last but not least, 
I thought my guy classmate was tall enough for me.
But they're not!
My brother Yusof is taller! My dad is taller than him! 
It means no one can beat my dad lah!

Chemical April 2014 . #END

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