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Friday, 27 March 2015 | 07:44 | 0 comments
♥ Bapak ♥
He was the first man I've met in this world
The one that laungkan azan on day I was born.
How grateful I am. 
How wonderful it was to be his daughter. 
He was basically sgt garang during our childhood.
Thats make us human. 

He never lay his hand on us. 
He will use rotan or sort of things. 
But he NEVER EVER raise his hand. 

Dad is a quiet type 
He kinda cool, 
He act cool.
Less emotions shown,
But It's all shown through his facial expression. 

He has his principle that he told us to keep.
He never forget to wake us up to Solat Subuh.
He getting old. 
I'm getting old. 

I just hope. I found someone like him. 
No ones can replaced him.
But at least. I need someone that has resemblance of him. 
The one that can guide me through a correct path.
The one who didn't use violence.

Dad. I miss you. 
I ♥ you

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